The Resource War : from ancient Egypt to Iraq, editorial consultant Saul David

War : from ancient Egypt to Iraq, editorial consultant Saul David

War : from ancient Egypt to Iraq
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from ancient Egypt to Iraq
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editorial consultant Saul David
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War : from ancient Egypt to Iraq, editorial consultant Saul David
War : from ancient Egypt to Iraq, editorial consultant Saul David
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  • War in the ancient world 3000BCE-500CE -- War in the medieval world 500-1500 -- Early modern warfare 1500-1750 -- The age of revolution 1750-1830 -- The dawn of mechanized warfare 1830-1914 -- Era of the world wars 1914-1945 -- Conflicts after World War II 1945-present
  • War in the ancient world, 3000 BCE--500 CE. Wars in Sumer and Egypt ; Assyrian conquests ; The Greco-Persian wars ; The Peloponnesian War ; Conquests of Alexander ; Alexander's successors ; The rise of Rome ; The Punic Wars ; The Gallic Wars ; Roman civil war ; The Roman Empire ; The late Roman Empire ; The Warring States period ; The Three Kingdoms ; The Mauryan Empire -- War in the medieval world, 500-1500. The rise of Byzantium ; The ascent of Islam ; Frankish expansion ; Viking raids and the Norman Conquest ; The rise of the Turks ; The First Crusades ; Expulsion of the Crusaders from the Holy Land ; Japan's Gempei Wars ; Mongol invasions ; The wars of Kublai Khan ; The conquests of Timur ; Guelphs and Ghibellines ; Crusades in Europe ; Anglo-Scottish wars ; The Spanish Reconquista ; The Hundred Years War ; The end of the Byzantine Empire -- Early modern warfare, 1500-1750. The Italian wars ; Spanish conquests in the New York ; Mogul conquests ; Ottoman expansion ; Wars of the Sengoku Era ; Korea resists invasion ; Manchu conquests ; French wars of religion ; The Dutch revolt ; The Anglo-Spanish War ; The Thirty Years War ; The British civil wars ; The Anglo-Dutch wars ; The early wars of Louis XIV ; The wars of the Spanish Succession ; The Great Northern War ; The war of the Austrian Succession -- The age of revolution, 1750-1830. French and Indian War ; The Seven Years War ; Britain's wars in India ; The American Revolution ; The wars of Catherine the Great ; French revolutionary wars ; The rise of Napoleon ; Triumph of the Royal Navy ; Napoleon's imperial triumphs in Europe ; The Peninsular War ; Napoleon's downfall ; The War of 1812 ; South America's wars of liberation ; The Greek War of Independence -- The dawn of mechanized warfare, 1830-1914. The Crimean War ; Wars of Italian unification ; The rise of Prussia ; Franco-Prussian War ; Mexican wars ; Start of the US Civil War ; End of the US Civil War ; Imperial wars in Africa ; Wars in China ; Plains Indians wars ; The Zulu wars ; The second Boer War ; Spanish-American War ; The Russo-Japanese War ; War in the Balkans -- Era of the World Wars, 1914-1945. Outbreak of World War I ; World War I : stalemate on the Western front ; World War I : the wider war ; World War I : air and sea battles ; World War I : the defeat of Germany ; The Russian civil war ; The Sino-Japanese War ; The Spanish Civil War ; World War II begins ; World War II : the turning tide ; World War II : the Battle of the Atlantic ; World War II : the war in the air ; World War II : the fall of Hitler ; World War II : the war with Japan ; World War II : the defeat of Japan -- Conflicts after World War II, 1945-present. The Cold War ; The Chinese civil war ; The Korean War ; Decolonization in Southeast Asia ; The Vietnam War ; Revolutionary wars in Latin America ; African wars of independence ; Post-colonial Africa ; South Asian wars ; The Arab-Israeli Conflict ; The Falklands War ; Wars in Afghanistan ; Gulf wars ; Post-Communist wars ; The occupation of Iraq -- Directory : a comprehensive directory of wars, battles, and military statistics from ancient to modern times
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